ArborSonic 3D™ Acoustic Tomograph

ArborSonic 3D™ is a minimally invasive evaluation tool for trees, that is useful for Advanced Tree Risk Assessment. It works based on sound velocity measurement between several sensors around the trunk. Because sound velocity drops in decayed areas, internal holes can be detected and the stability of the tree can be estimated.

Wickes/arborists™ are the sole distributors for the U.S. Units are available for rental and sale.

Download ArborSonic 3D™ PDF Product Sheet


Arborsonic 3d
Step 1 ArborSonic
Step One

Drive the transducers through the bark using a rubber hammer with even spacing around the trunk.

Step 2 ArborSonic
Step Two

Measure the distances between the transducers with a caliper and enter the measured data to the computer.

Step 3 ArborSonic
Step Three

Tap each transducer with a steel hammer to generate sound waves. ArborSonic 3D measures the travel times with microsecond precision to each transducer and transmits the data to the computer.

Step 4 ArborSonic
Step Four

The software calculates and displays the internal sound-velocity distribution of the tree.


  • Robust, low-noise piezo transducers
  • Variable number of sensors from 8 up to 32
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to computer
  • Data transmission time: below 1 sec per tap
  • 15 minutes total measurement time
  • Can be used with any Windows computer
  • Measurements at different heights can be assembled to 3D
  • Tree stability estimation based on the acquired tomograms