Tree Risk Assessment

The trees on your property provide important benefits to your home and landscape. However, when a tree becomes impaired, it may cause damage and present liabilities. When our arborists visit your property, they can perform an assessment of your trees, and provide you with the information to prevent a tree from becoming problematic. Let us help you enhance the health and longevity of your tree population.

Tree Appraisal 

We all know the values a tree provides to ones property – environmental, aesthetic, functional, social. However, a tree also has an economic value and can be evaluated monetarily. A Tree Appraisal involves the assignment of a monetary value to the trees on your property which can be helpful in determining property value, tax deductions and on occasion, insurance claim adjustments.

Tree Inventory

Our consultants can assist you in taking a tree inventory by gathering information on the health and individual nature of each tree. We can provide the following information which will help you effectively manage your tree community:

  • tree species
  • size and tree height
  • crown width
  • overall condition
  • maintenance needs
  • overcrowding
  • presence or absence of insects or diseases
  • soil type and condition
  • root space
  • safety
Landscape Evaluation

When Wickes/arborists™ evaluates your landscape, we provide you with information that will allow you to maintain your properties beauty, health and value over the course of time. Our arborists will inspect your landscape and provide you with a complete analysis, including:

  • Plant health care condiitons
  • Soil conditions
  • Property grading and size
  • Characteristics specific to your property
Development of Bid Specifications

At Wickes/arborists™, we have dedicated ourselves to the enhancement and management of your property since 1929. We understand the elements that are involved in the planning and facilitating of a project. Our team of consultants will put together a detailed, comprehensive recommendation for your project and will work with you to carry out the plan.

Tree Preservation Planning During Construction

During construction, trees are often forgotten and destroyed during the process. It is important to protect your trees ….. it is a worthwhile investment. Not only does the value of a tree appreciate over time, but they provide more benefits as they age. Wickes/arborists™ can provide you with a pre-construction, during construction and post-construction plan to prevent damage to your “green assets” and help preserve natures gift.

Protecting Trees During Construction

During a period of construction ownership of trees is often seen as an interference. Many do not realize that the destruction of surrounding trees can have a strong effect on the environment, and on the enjoyment and value of ones property. Proper planning and care should be taken to preserve the trees on construction sites. Our arborists can help you by determining which trees can be saved, based on health, age, species, location and structural integrity of the tree, and how to protect those trees during the building process.


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