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Pruning is one of trees most basic needs. In the forest, trees shed their dead or unhealthy branches, but natural tree shedding is dangerous. Pruning is a process of selectively removing dead or unhealthy branches, as well as those that cross or interfere with other branches, wires, structures, etc. Pruning should be pro-active and scheduled on a regular basis.

Most tree pruning should not be a do-it-yourself project. Climbing and working in trees requires specialized training and equipment that our arborists possess. Our arborists prune trees to preserve their health and their beauty, and for your safety.

  • Pruning for health. Our arborists can identify diseased, dead or dying branches before they even become a hazard. Early pruning can reduce the chance of spreading disease and can save the life of the pruned tree as well as the trees around it. Pruning a tree improves its resistance to the devastating effects of wind, snow or ice, and if a tree’s crown is too thick, our arborists can thin it.
  • Pruning for beauty. Trees can be beautifully shaped when professionally pruned. Internationally accepted standards of pruning for shape ensure that the tree will retain its natural shape and the tree’s health will not be compromised. We can also accommodate your vista pruning needs.
  • Pruning for safety. Dead, broken, and hanging branches need to be removed before they become a danger to people or damage property. Such hazards must be removed from all trees, especially these overhanging buildings, walkways, driveways, and pools.
Cabling and Bracing

All trees are not created equal. Since some of the most beautiful trees may be structurally weak, our Certified Arborists recognize structure problems and recommend proper action. Structural problems are most apparent at tree forks, where limbs (and even trunks) grow at acute angles and fight for space. Eventually wind, snow, ice, or even the weight of their own branches can cause the weaker of the two limbs to break. The chances of this happening can be reduced by cabling and bracing. Our arborists brace the weak area with special steel rods and install cables in the crown to reduce the stress. After a few years these repairs are virtually invisible.

Lightning Protection

The dangers lightning poses to trees, life and property are well known. What is less well known is that all trees are not equally susceptible to lightning strikes. Our Certified Arborists can identify which trees attract lightning most, and how to protect them, your property, and you.

Tree Removal

We do not recommend tree removal unless it’s absolutely necessary. When it is necessary, however, our qualified tree workers use specific equipment to safely undertake this dangerous work.

Stump Grinding

A tree is not totally removed until the stump is gone. Stumps are unsightly and hazardous. People can trip over stumps creating a potential risk for you, the property owner. Sometimes new trees grow out of old stumps, however they are weak, unhealthy, and hazardous.

Emergency Tree Removal Service for Fallen and Hazardous Trees

Wickes’ teams of knowledgeable and reliable tree service experts are ready to help you in
the event of an emergency. Wickes/arborists™ will be there in a timely fashion if you are confronted with an unexpected tree or limb problem.


There is nothing more beautiful than a tree. Let us help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful, and your family safe.

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