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We will provide a written proposal, including a schedule of visits. These visits are automatically made throughout the year, at the proper time, in an effort to help meet the seasonal needs of your lawn.


Grass plants are voracious eaters. Each time we mow, grass requires soil nutrients in order to regenerate new growth. Therefore, soil nutrients must be consistently replenished. A proper fertilization program adds these nutrients, resulting in a thick, healthy lawn that can better resist infestations of weeds and insects.

Weed Control

Our Green Team treats for crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and grassy weeds at the best time for optimal control. To prevent crabgrass, we anticipate the problem and apply a pre-emergent control.

Insect Control

Control of turf damaging insects is an essential part of our comprehensive Lawn Healthcare program. The Green Team takes special pride in knowing exactly when to treat your lawn to prevent devastating insect infestations.


Compacted soil reduces the amount of oxygen and water available to the roots and “suffocates” grass plants. Compacted soil needs to be loosened so oxygen and water can get to the plant roots. This special service uses a machine that pulls out small plugs of sod, allowing your soil to breathe and water to reach the roots.

Liming Soils

Soils in our area are high in clay content, low in organic matter, and highly acidic. Since grass develops better in neutral to alkaline soil, we add lime to acidic soils to “sweeten” the soil. This brings down the acidity, making a more favorable environment for root growth.

Take pride in your lush green lawn throughout the season at a price you can afford. Put our Green Team to work for you today.

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