Deer Control 

fawnThe population of white-tailed deer has become problematic, with numbers in suburban New Jersey communities reaching new heights. Increases in the destruction to private property, deer-vehicle collisions, and tick-borne illnesses are all things that must be taken into account when deer management is considered.

At Wickes/arborists, we can help control the deer population on your property, while protecting your landscape, plants and gardens.



Mosquito Control

Mosquito sobre pielWith the appearance of West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus in our area, mosquito control has become increasingly more important. Mosquitos have gone from being simply annoying pests to being carriers of dangerous diseases.

Don’t allow these bothersome pests to ruin the enjoyment of outdoor activities. At Wickes/arborists, we provide treatments to control mosquitoes and give your property back to you.


Let us help you control both the deer and mosquito population on your property.

Please call (845) 354-3400 or click here to request an estimate.

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