new plant lifeBreakthroughs in the science of horticulture, plus an enlightened concern for the environment, have led to a totally new approach to plant and tree maintenance. Our program strongly emphasizes prevention over intervention and our comprehensive Plant Health Care program (PHC) is tailored to the needs of your plants, while continuing to respect the integrity and sensitivity of our environment.


Just as humans suffer illnesses when their basic needs are not met, plants are prone to the ravages of attacking pests. In fact, up to 90 percent of all plant health care problems arise from a basic need deficiency. On the other hand, when a plant’s needs are met, the plant grows vigorously and will utilize its own potent defense system to ward off the majority of pests. With the implementation of a PHC, the health needs of your plants will be in the hands of professionals.


ArborWatch™ is Wickes/arborists™ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Properties cared for with ourArborWatch™ program show improvement in appearance each year because our clients’ plants experience fewer pest problems. As a result of inspecting key plants on the property and then making the decision on how to treat each plant, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of pesticides we use on our customers’ properties. Clients that convert to ArborWatch™ are also able to reduce the quantity of chemicals used. In addition, our trained technicians spend more time monitoring and treating these properties, because everything that affects plant life must be considered in order to prevent disease and insect infestations. Key plants must be inspected and evaluated separately due to the fact that they all share a common resource: the soil in your yard. Each treatment of every plant can impact the life and longevity of surrounding greenery. Therefore, the care for each plant in a landscape can affect the health of every other plant nearby.

Even more important than what we see as technicians are the comments our customers have made about ArborWatch™.

Mrs. Ullman of Mahwah says, “I’ve been with Wickes for years and I love my ArborWatch™ program.
My place looks great!”

Mr. Davidowitz from Suffern says, “I like that each plant gets individual attention so there are no surprises.”

Mrs. Goldsmith from Nyack says, “I like the reports that are left because they let me know what’s been done and
everything is going.”

Call us to learn more about ArborWatch™ and how our IPM approach can maximize your landscape investment.

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy presents itself as a climbing or trailing vine with sets of 3 glossy green leaves that grow on alternate sides of each stem. Contact with these leaves transfers a toxic resin to the skin that causes a blistering rash to appear. Wickes/arborists™ will remove the poison ivy plant from your landscape in its entirety and dispose of it appropriately, leaving you with property that you can safely enjoy.

How We Work

An Arborist Representative will complete a site assessment for your plants and shrubs, including the climate, soil, plant physiology, and environmental factors. From this information, we will prepare a written proposal for treatments, which includes the number of visits and the total cost. The proposal will include recommendations for cultivating practices, such as pruning and fertilization to help strengthen the plants defenses. It will also include proposals for treatments to control targeted pests, and a provision for adding treatments should an unforeseen infestation occur during the growing season.

How To Start

To get started with our PHC program, just give us a call at (845) 354-3400. We will gladly set up an appointment and give your property a thorough examination.

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