The affects of harsh winter conditions on your property

The wintery mix of snow, sleet and wind upon us will play a big role in the maintenance of your lawn and trees.

Frigid winter months are upon of us. Snowstorms and cold rain are emanate during these times. Snow or ice buildup on trees can destroy and break branches.

Snow can accumulate on branches causing drooping. Enough snowfall can cause the branches to snap or incur severe damage.

Uprooting of small to medium-size trees can occur depending on the amount of snowfall.

Ice buildup on trees can also cause major damage. The weight of the ice on a tree can cause great stress. A tree’s branches can snap off when ice melts or if ice is knocked off. When ice is knocked off a branch the decrease in weigh could cause a violent “snap back” breaking the branch.

Strong winds can also play a major role in the damage to trees. If a tree has a large amount of snow or ice buildup, severe winds can cause the branches to break under the pressure.

Are you concerned with the build up of snow or ice on your trees? Call Wickes/arborists™ to schedule an appointment. Tree Doctors still make house calls!

Properly pruning your trees will enhance the chances of survival during the winter. Thinning of branches reduces the amount of surface area snow or ice can buildup on branches.

During the winter months trees are bare. This is a great time for Wickes certified arborists to see the structure of the trees on your property. The Tree Doctors of Wickes/arborists™ can provide you with a better assessment of the health of your trees.

Wickes/arborists™ provide many services for tree and lawn care to help increase the health of your property throughout all season.

Call Wickes/arborists™ today to improve the health of your property.

Source: http://www.treecaretips.org/Seasonal/Survive_Winter.htm

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