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Deer ticks cause Lyme Disease, a bacterial infection causing joint, heart and nervous system complications. Ticks may be small, but the problems associated with them are anything but trivial. As charter members of the Rockland County Vector Borne Diseases Advisory Committee, we are on the front lines of deer tick control in the Hudson Valley, educating the public about the risks associated with deer ticks and other vector born diseases.

Signs and Symptoms of Ticks and Lyme Disease

Deer ticks have a two-year cycle and can vary in size from very small (the nymph stage tick is as small as a pin head!) to alarmingly large (an engorged tick can equal the circumference of a quarter!). Ticks transfer Lyme Disease and Ehrlichiosis by attaching to a host and depositing bacterium into the host’s bloodstream. The early symptoms of Lyme Disease can be mild and easily overlooked. About 50 percent of patients report a rash. This rash usually appears 3-30 days after the bite and may last for several weeks.

Lyme Disease is called “The Great Imitator” since the symptoms are varied and mimic many other illnesses. Symptoms may include sore throat, sleep difficulties, fever, joint stiffness, muscle stiffness, pain, fatigue, swollen glands, and dizziness. Even if left untreated, symptoms may go away. Weeks or months later, the symptom that brings most people to the doctor is arthritis. Bell’s Palsy, the drooping of one side of the face, may also occur. If you develop any of these symptoms contact your doctor immediately.

Let Us Protect Your Family

There are a variety of tick abatement options. Wickes/arborists™ calls it – Wickes Ticks Fix.

With our low impact, proven solution to reducing tick populations and our use of organic cedar oil, you, your children and family pets can enjoy the important and life-long benefits of the great outdoors without the fear of Lyme Disease.

Our trained experts work with homeowners to:

  • Protect Family – Treat property boarders multiple times per year with
    non-toxic applications to reduce the spread of ticks.
  • Protect Landscape – Install mulch, attend lawn and maintain shrubs.
  • Protect Wildlife – Cut back tick habitation by cutting back vegetation.

Wickes/arborists™ offers a 4-step tick prevention and treatment program that is designed to work throughout the entire spring, summer, and fall seasons to extend the greatest tick-free coverage for your outdoor enjoyment. Last year alone we provided over 1000 protection treatments.


Corresponds with the beginning activities of nymph-stage deer ticks.


Coincides with a rapid increase in nymph-stage activity. Most people get Lyme Disease from tiny nymph ticks since they are so hard to see.


This treatment is essential since outdoor activities and the tick population are at their seasonal peak. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your barbecuing, gardening, and mowing this summer?


Control during this period is important since nymph and adult ticks are most abundant. Adult ticks are active any time the temperature is over 35 degrees, even with snow on the ground.


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