Lawn Health Care

Lawn Health Care

LET OUR GREEN TEAM HELP YOU – A thick, green, weed free lawn does not come easy.  Our Local Responsive team works hard so you can take pride in your lawn throughout the seasons.

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Plant Health Care

OUR PHC PROGRAM – Our program strongly emphasizes prevention over intervention. After all, everything that affects plant life must be considered in order to prevent disease and insect infestations.

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General Tree Work

MAINTAINING YOUR TREES’ HEALTH – Should the health of a tree decline, and if it is left untreated, that beautiful tree can become a danger to life and property. We employ qualified people and special equipment to safely mitigate or remove tree risks.

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Consulting Services

EXPERIENCE & SERVICE – The assessment of each tree or shrub includes climate, soil, plant physiology and environmental factors. From this information, we can prepare a written recommendation for treatments.

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What We Do

A wide variety of customers have employed our services for over 80 years.


The mission of Wickes/arborists™ is to provide superior, cost effective tree, lawn and landscape services on a timely basis, so clients and friends return to us again and again for the protection and enhancement of their “green assets”.

Overview of Wickes/arborists™ Services

Wickes Alert

Gypsy Moths

Our surveys have confirmed that last years assault of Gypsy Moths is back again.  These pests can completely defoliate your trees and shrubs.

At Wickes/arborists, we have organic and low impact treatments to help you.

Call (845) 354-3400 or click here to schedule a consultation.

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prepare trees drought
Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning

Pruning is one of trees most basic needs. In the forest, trees shed their dead or unhealthy branches, but natural tree shedding is dangerous.

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Arbor Watch

Clients that convert to ArborWatch™ are able to reduce the quantity of chemicals used on their properties and our trained technicians spend more time monitoring and treating these properties.

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Root Zone Treatment
Root Zone Treatments

Often tree problems that are visible in the leafy crowns of trees are caused by problems below ground in the tree’s root zone.

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