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Surviving the Winter Weather

The affects of harsh winter conditions on your property
The wintery mix of snow, sleet and wind upon us will play a big role in the maintenance of your lawn and trees.
Frigid winter months are upon of us. Snowstorms and cold rain are emanate during these times. Snow or ice buildup on trees can destroy and break branches.

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Should I Prune My Trees This Winter?

Winter is a Great Time to Prune your Trees.
Pruning your trees provides a variety of benefits for both your trees and landscape. Not only will their appearance be improved but the trees will be safer and healthier too. Pruning promotes the plant’s health by removing dead or dying branches that have previously been injured by disease, insects, mites, animals, storms or people.
Certain types of tree pruning could be done at any time of the year, it is important to know what your objective is and why you are performing the pruning. Recommended times vary upon the species. Although it may seem counter intuitive, winter indeed is an excellent time to perform pruning.

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How Do You Prepare Your Trees For Drought?

This is actually a two-part question. First, you may be in the process of planting a new tree or trees and you want to know the precautions you can take to ensure your tree has the best chance of survival during drought conditions. Second, you may be in the midst of a drought in your area and you want to know how to best protect your already planted tree from succumbing to the drought.

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How Can I Prepare My Trees For Winter?

The time to prepare your trees for winter is now, before the ice and snow storms. Trees should be inspected at this time for defects such as:

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